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EF Bullets

The ServoXciter EF is a precision servo driver and tester which

makes setting up your model's linkages and throws extremely simple

and also gives you unprecedented tools for troubleshooting servos and receivers.

  • Manual drive with microprocessor precision.
  • One-touch servo centering.
  • Servo current meter.
  • Automatic sweep with 32 speeds.
  • Servo deadband check.
  • Custom servo movement record and playback.
  • Receiver pulse check.
  • Receiver glitch detection.
  • Receiver battery voltage display.
  • High Frame Rate mode (with narrow pulse ability).
  • FASST 2.4 ghz receiver ready.
  • DC power jack - for 8 to 12 volt wall transformer
  •  (with 0.70m ID, 2.35mm OD plug - positive center).
The ServoXciter EF is the favorite tool for all levels of modelers
 - from the beginner hobbyist to the professional UAV technician!

Learn more about this super tool.

ServoXciters have been reviewed in major R/C publications. View some of the excerpts here.
The ServoXciter EF can even save your radios exact center and end-point pulses. This allows you to set up your servo control horns and linkages with total accuracy.

The control you have over your R/C craft is only as good as your servos. The ServoXciter EF is your insurance that those servos are working properly.

The ServoXciter EF has great features and makes testing and breaking servos easy, setting up linkages and throws perfect the first time, and helps you check servos and receivers before they become a problem. ServoXciter EF users found that it had become the most used tool in their box - we're sure you will too!

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